I had no idea when I started FAVORITE THINGS that it would be read around the world - from England to Indonesia to Indiana and everywhere in between.  I am so proud to have become a FAVORITE blog of brides, mitzvah moms and party hostesses everywhere, but today's post is for my Maryland fans.  (Just in case you did not know, PARTY FAVORITES is based in Maryland.)

I think it is always nice to share a little "local flavor" with your out of town guests and one of the best ways to do that is to fill their Out-Of-Town Hotel Gift Bags with a local treat or two.  Regardless of whether your wedding is on the Eastern Shore or your Bar Mitzvah is in Bethesda, here are a few "Maryland goodies" to consider...


GOETZE'S CANDY COMPANY is a 5th generation family business located in Baltimore and best known for their Caramel Creams.  In addition to their iconic Caramel Creams, they offer Cow Tales (an elongated version of their Caramel Creams) and Gourmet Caramel Creams in Licorice and Double Chocolate flavors. 


UTZ CRAB CHIPS will give your guests a flavorful taste of the Chesapeake Bay.  CLICK HERE to purchase single serving bags.



While you guests won't pop open the Old Bay Seasoning for a midnight snack, you can send your guests home with a Maryland classic.  Add a copy of your favorite crab cake recipe for a personal touch.

I would love to put together a list of "local treats" for other locations to share on FAVORITE THINGS so I would love for you to EMAIL me "local favorites" from your area.



A few of this week's FAVORITE THINGS...

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